• Grayson Maximillian Sumner the third (III)
    That’s a name you’ve never heard
    But he forms the order of the Grey Griffins
    And brings together his three companions

    Harley is the best friend and also the sheriff
    He makes sure everyone stays out of mischief
    He always burns the trail anywhere they go
    And turns school bullies into a humorous show

    Then there is Ernie, the coward of the group
    Who prefers reading comic books huddled in his coop
    He snacks on junk food all day and all night
    So small and lean, everything gives him a fright

    Now Natalia is the girl, and the smartest one
    Reading textbooks and studying is her idea of fun
    She also loves mysteries, or anything with unicorns
    So she carries a notebook covered in horses with horns

    But Max, as he is usually called
    Is the leader of them all
    He finds his own power in the middle of fall
    And the problem he encounters is anything but small

    They four go to a shop everyday after school
    Throw out their cards and draw from the pool
    In the time of King Arthur this game was “cool”
    It was Round Table and it was better than a fool

    Strange creatures were imprisoned on the cards
    That soon made the Grey Griffins’ lives quite hard
    But it was teamwork and friendship that got them far
    And so I tell the tale of their adventure, as would any bard

    It started one day when Max noticed something new
    He awoke from a dream of a Slayer Goblin at two
    And went back to sleep, not knowing what else to do
    But he was soon up again in a few

    Things went on in their town of Avalon, seeming odd yet the same
    And Max never said a word about his dream, feeling a guilty shame
    But everything changed one night when a voice whispered his name
    It called the boy to his grandfather’s study, playing him like a game

    A book Max found that shined ever so bright
    Why did it call for him in the mid of night?
    Words escaped his mouth giving the kid a fright
    Then a spriggan hopped out, not to Max’s delight

    It was a shape shifter from the griffins’ card deck!
    Max whispered to himself, “what the heck?”
    He pet the giant bird, Sprig, around the neck
    And suddenly the boy woke to a shiny speck

    He remembered the faerie and looked for the book
    Under his pillow it lay, so he went for another look
    Max searched the pages for a shape shifter and shook
    Realizing pictures were missing, he’d been such a shnook!

    Sprig had tricked poor little Max into releasing her and friends
    He thought what he had done would mean the end
    But luckily for the boy, there were hands to lend
    Because he had friends with more than enough time to spend

    Winter continued on, and crazy attacks happened
    The Slayer Goblin wanted Max flattened
    And Morgan LaFey, her showing up became a habit
    Being the evil black witch made her the captain

    Morgan could control anything or anyone
    Including a demented classmate who had some fun
    She could make Ray, the schoolmate, point a gun
    Especially at Harley, Ernie, Natalia, and Maximillian

    But as Morgan grew stronger, so did the griffins’ leader
    Everyday it seemed that Max grew meaner
    He was mastering his power so he could defeat her
    Suspicion also rose in the kids’ new school teacher

    It seemed day after endless day in Avalon
    That the forest by Max’s house stretched on
    But he was now the book’s only pawn
    As trees turned black from fawn

    The Grey Griffins sound found themselves
    Tracking the black witch and continuously delved
    Into the history of every single book shelf
    And none minded these children under age twelve

    Into the Catacombs the special children went
    To look for a man in deep lament
    For they all thought this man was dead
    Until they found him where he was left

    “Iver!” they screamed aloud, spying their friend
    Though old and hurt, he was not at his end
    The black witch had hurt him, but to no large extent
    So they gathered together and readied for the final event

    Max and his team got to Morgan at the last second
    Not a moment was wasted, but every one well spent
    Morgan failed to release the shadow king and left
    And no one saw Ray kneel over and bend

    The faeries and templars from Round Table were there
    To help Max, King Arthur’s very own heir
    The fight for the world’s safety may not have been fair
    But as long as they were safe, Max didn’t care

    He watched as Ray disappeared in a flash
    Fighting with a faerie they heard a loud crash
    The fight was over, the war was won
    But still, Max’s job was far from done…