• The start of the night, I knock on your door
    To see the most beautiful girl galore

    I smile and bow as i kiss you hand
    Then we walk to the car discussing a band

    We drive to the park, where the date is set
    We sit and we talk when we make a bet

    'I bet that you, could not guess the flower
    that is greatest in love and holds the most power'

    I smile as i look into these deep blue eyes
    I know the answer but i seem hypnotised

    She looks at me, eyes patient and waiting
    then I realise that i am momentarily gaping

    I shake myself out of it and reach into fred(car)
    to pull out a single rose of shocking red

    I hand it to you and watch the moonlight
    it bounces off your skin and shows a true sight

    When no words are once expressed
    I kneel on my knees and say 'princess,

    I've created this poem for you today
    as a sign of my love that goes one way'

    I shoot up in bed drowned in cold sweat
    Just another dream that had my heart set

    My dreams are constant and totally blanded
    Because you hold my heart and im empty handed