• I was born with a blindfold over my eyes
    I never did see the shades of the sky.
    Blue was the only thing I knew
    The clouds were white, but never a hue

    I saw but I did not look.
    I glanced but I never noticed.
    I used to see the shells of things,
    But not the truth within.

    Now I think about this cover,
    If it should be there
    I wonder if the world I see
    Really is so bare.

    I take the blindfold off my eyes,
    And gasp at what I see.
    The clouds are now a lovely pink
    The sky a burning red.
    The sun is now glowing orange
    As it prepares to go to bed.

    Now I know what I've been missing.
    The colors of the world.
    So if we take our blindfolds off
    We will see the earth as is.