• What is the truth?
    Is it based on the complexity of itself?
    Or it's ability to be simplified?
    Are these motionless, lifeless, words,
    In front of your own eyes which are only seen,
    by the invisible theory that we are run on electrical pluses,
    like mere machines,
    running on an unseen energy real?

    How can we tear apart these lies without scarring the truth?
    Is it the lies that give us insight into the truth?
    or do they cover it up?
    but without the lies can there be a truth?

    Is the truth true?
    Is this craziness going to ever define a fine line?
    a difference between the two?
    Will it bring peace or destruction?
    And will all the lies fade?
    Will they lay unseen,
    hiding using the convincing form of the truth?
    Or will the lies come and cover the truth recklessly?

    What is the truth? We don't know. and that's a lie