• now
    the blood is so thick
    so sickening
    boils in the stomach
    craving is so pure
    heart is in the heavens
    while the mind is in hell
    forsaken followers
    followers who can tell
    lead way to the arms of failure & hurt
    disguised as Triumph and Love
    enter faith that holds hopes low
    gruesome is the fight
    fighting everyday
    the never ending war
    with never ending say
    sweet silence calls
    underestimate those who are more powerful
    leading to failure
    leading to failure
    mistakes are inevitable
    with people blame fate
    losing is so secure
    wining might be to late
    for those who wanna cry
    for those who wanna live
    for those who hold back every word worth dying for
    for those who hide
    for those who wanna give up there own life for another
    scream it now
    fight for what you think is worth the blood
    war for what is right
    the glory is in the hands of the twilight
    faith might fall beneath our feet
    but may hope last forever in the sky
    under the sun
    and may it never die
    because it is for....
    it is for every last breath we breathe.