• How can we find our way, when we can't even see what is in front of us
    We believe that our love can defeat any demons we face
    Heaven is so far away and hell is closing in
    Without you at my side I don't think I can make it
    The love we share shines so bright that it will guide us threw this darkness
    We are two souls so I care not if we are lost forever

    Something higher then you and I has push us forward
    Nothing can break this bond we share
    The power our love creates is sharper then any blade
    As time goes on we realize who we truly are
    Two becomes one this day
    Love has always show us the way

    The passion we share will last forever
    Our souls transcends time itself
    When we look at each other all is at peace
    Roses do this love shame
    Is this magic or just a dream
    Two stars shine this night

    We are never in the dark
    Light shines on us, always
    The gods above try to steel you, but you don't go
    Goddesses grasp at me, but I break free
    No one can stand between us
    No matter where we are, our souls are always united.