• Is it fair of you to burden me with things you're too weak to carry?
    I was just a child back when this all began
    And still you made me grow up and be something I'm not
    Now when I act like the monster you created
    You act as if I should be ashamed
    Well I'm not ashamed
    I learned about life far too early
    And it's all because of you and all you put me through
    So when you wonder why I'm like this
    When you ponder what a freak you think I am
    Blame yourself because you're the one at fault
    I'm no different than you are
    We're just alike somehow
    It seems that with all your problems you've created a mini you
    Does that make you happy?
    Knowing how I'll always be like this?
    Or do you feel the guilt you should be feeling
    You may not be proud of who I've become after all these years
    You may not think I'm good enough, or worth your time
    But I know that I am
    And I don't have to feel bad about being me
    Because I know what I've become
    I know that I'm a monster
    I'm the freak you see every time you look into a mirror