• What was it?
    What was it that ive done so wrong?
    And i know,
    I know its been awhile since we've been together,
    And shared our love...
    But why does it feel like,
    The empty days are parting us to opposite
    Ends of the world?

    I know ive said at times I feel
    As though I dont deserve you...
    But that doesnt mean I wont travel the world again
    To be by your side.
    I do the best that I can in everything,
    All for you!

    And walking from one foreign place to another
    I use my all to complete any trial.
    Looking ahead always
    In your direction,
    And maybe I'll learn
    What wrongs ive done and
    Change myself to right those wrongs,
    And take another step
    To be a better person for you
    And you alone!

    And I'll yell to the heavens
    How much i truly love you so, my angel!
    I just ask from you of one small thing,
    Dont leave me, and wait,
    And wait like stone for my arrival...
    Until I can release our souls...