• My dearest daddy 'I love you',
    I think of you each day.
    I feel your arms around me,
    that's how I get through my days.

    Your looking down upon me,
    to guide me on my way,
    but its very hard without you,
    each and every day.

    People always tell me,
    the grieving will subside.
    But how can it get better,
    without you by my side.

    No matter how hard they try,
    to help me with this pain,
    I am all consumed by thinking,
    It will never be the same.

    I know one day we'll meet,
    in the Heavens up above.
    It's the one thing that helps me,
    to never forget your love.

    My dearest Daddy, I love you,
    Your with me every day.
    I will keep this love within me,
    until that beautiful day...