• Dear..Teddy..
    Today on the news more people are dying
    My daddy says "When you grow up you will understand it more"
    But I think i understand some of it
    I understand the part where people are dying
    But i dont understand why they are dying
    Is it some game? where you have to play hide and seek and who ever gets caught,dies

    I asked my mommy and she says "Its called war"
    I still didnt understand,i dont think ill never understand it
    To me it doesnt seem like a fun game
    The news lady on the T.v said there is more bombings
    I think bombings to me is like you have to hide in your house with all the lights off but if you get caught a big ball falls on your house

    Why do they play games like that?
    I think ill just stick to tig and tag...from now on...

    [Do you see what wars do to children?]