• Normally best of friends dont mean that much after so many years.

    But you and I, my friend, will stay true till the end of time.

    You told me once that you'd always be here for me, now its my turn.

    You have been part of my life since we were small, I bonded with you more then anyone.

    As we grew I fell for you more and more, nothing could stop me from falling.

    Then one day you told me how you felt and that was that.

    And now look at us, still the best of friends, Forever and always.

    Years go by, and we grow old. I hope to god you dont forget me.

    More years go by and your dying. "Please dont leave my side" You said.

    I reply, a small tear falling as you take your last breath. "I promised you forever."

    I watched you take your last breath and thats also when my heart took its.

    In the end, my life was yours and yours was mine. I will always love you, my best friend.