• My body aches
    My heart is cold
    Am I asleep or am I awake
    For I don’t know
    I sit here all alone
    Dreaming of the place called home
    Never shall I leave my Hell
    My prison, my cell
    I wish I had a sunburn
    Just to know that I’m alive
    Just to see if it is my turn
    To make it out of this alive
    My heart is shattered
    Out on the floor
    The pieces are scattered
    Worse than before
    Someone take me outside
    Someone show me sunlight
    Let my delicate skin burn
    Let my stupid heart learn
    That life is mostly misery
    And perhaps sometimes mystery
    And when love decides to knock you down
    Pick yourself up off the ground
    And know the lesson is already learnt
    Before you let yourself get sunburned