• Closed doors are still so frightening,
    No matter what is said nor done.
    You can paint it up all pretty,
    You can stain it till is shines.
    You can beat it up,
    Or break it down,
    But still it will be there.

    To lock things up inside,
    To shut out all the rest,
    To masquerade, and dance around,
    To not make a sound,
    As it hides

    And it
    And there are no boundaries to be crossed,
    Only thresholds
    And the rest is one simple step.

    Will you cross it?
    But where will it go?
    Here, or there…..I could go anywhere….
    But to go……
    Should I……? And you open the door.

    But you close the door,
    And all opportunities are lost,
    You are safe from chance.
    All connections are destroyed,
    All possibilities vanish
    You remain locked up tight inside,
    And the door