• Pitter Patter
    The Rain comes down
    Pitter Patter
    My heart frowns
    Why do I sit in the rain
    Just to drown.

    Life is full of bad times
    Throwing my soul around
    Twisting up my mind
    Till all I hear is a fuzzy sound

    Sometimes the rain can be good
    Sometimes bad
    But for some reason it always matches the mood
    This lately is always sad

    Time fades away
    The dusk sets and moves on
    And though it is start of a new day
    The sun disappears and is gone
    And although it sounds really cliché
    It’s the rain that only remains

    My hands spread out
    My lips part to shout
    My mind going insane,
    Is helpless and full of pain
    Cause this is what happens,
    When the Rain comes down
    Pitter Patter.....