• I'll reach heaven today
    sure as you please
    I'll reach heaven today
    no longer will it to me tease

    up on my ladder
    to the sky it reaches
    through the rain and wind
    through the very clouds it breaches

    I'll reach heaven today
    I'll reach nirvana's gates
    And through them I'll burst
    I'll show the angels how to make a scene

    I'll dance on the clouds
    I'll fly through the air
    all around god's “Kingdom”
    I'll do nothing but tear

    Yes I'll reach heaven today
    on this last peg of my ladder I stand
    its just within reach
    I'm within the reach of that fair land

    I'm reaching now
    I'm about to touch the gates
    I'll be amongst angels!
    This is gonna be great

    there in the distance
    I can't really see
    it was there for just an instance

    there it is again
    wait, is that a bird?
    Why is it flying this way
    why is it flying so awkward?

    Heavens in reach
    I'm almost bloody there!
    I'm grouping space and time
    hell, I'm tugging the very air!

    But here comes the bird
    just about me to hit
    so bye bye for now
    because I'm falling, screaming “HOLY SH...!!!”