• Born are we into this wonderful dream.
    But oblivious we are of the screams
    Just take some time and look around
    You'll see the souls who drown
    Under the weight of all their thoughts

    Quiet! listen, please, just once
    This noise is overbearing
    It's all too much, can't we see that?
    We had it all, but we killed him
    And still he saw it fit to save us.

    Poor wretched beings that we are
    Capable of so much love and trust
    Yet there are those of us who
    See the world from their own eyes
    And they destroy, and corrupt, and taint

    Still we live our lives each day
    Ignorant of the wrongs we brush aside
    We cower in fear from the wrath of few
    So many are the common people
    So silent are the many, so silent

    Potential for power
    Thrown away
    So Silent
    And patient