• what shall i do?
    full of pain
    full of hurt
    no one fells me

    what shall i do?
    all the people telling me
    they love me
    but is this true?
    or they are lying
    they are pretending and showing alot of face

    what shall i do?
    all the world coming black
    all the world turning to hell
    im asking for help
    but no one replys me
    and noone is here
    noone hears my calling
    like all the people become deaf

    what shall i do?
    im stuck in this black dark world alone
    alone stuck in this darkness
    full of fears and pain

    what shall i do?
    im searching for places no....
    no pain no hurt no tears no darkness
    searching for aome one to pull me out of this hell
    all the people seemed not caring for me anymore

    what shall i do?
    now im nth
    now nth in my hands
    just watching my tears falling down from my eyes
    and im waiting to die
    im now the angel of hell