• A Boy, A Girl and Me and A Boy

    I know it's so cliche
    the story of the girl and the boy
    she likes him
    but he doesn't like her.

    it's always been this way
    one-sided crushes.
    she tries not to
    let it bother her anymore

    but this story isn't exactly completely generic,
    It has it's own few tweaks here and there.
    this time, the girl is me,
    and I'm someone that's too soft
    I'm too weak to defend
    my own heart.

    Because It all started
    when the two of us were but in band camp
    it was during our unity group activities
    did I begin to like him.

    and as the time soon started to progress
    my feelings for him grew
    I tried so hard
    to deny what I knew was true.

    And now I am left
    alone with no one by my side
    because He doesn't like me
    the way I like him.

    or maybe it's not like that
    but it would never work out.
    because I had confessed to him
    one friday night.

    I never did tell him my true feelings though,
    the way I feel when he's around.
    I've told many others
    but not many know for sure.

    because I know that whenever he was around
    My face would flush a pink rosy shade
    and whenever he was mad at me,
    I would end up crying my eyes out at the mere thought.

    And at the mere notion of the action and this pathetic sight
    I would want to stop and stay strong
    but no matter how hard I tried,
    I could not dry my eyes.

    I didn't want this to happen
    but it couldn't be helped
    I couldn't stop my heart from falling all over again.
    Couldn't stop my heart from being thrown around once more.

    The barriers I so badly want to build around my heart
    come crashing down with no effort.
    The reason why, is quite simple really.
    It's because I am weak.