• Do you ever feel
    That you're on a path with lost direction?
    Or that there's a part of you that you just can't
    Wash away?
    That there are things in this world that
    Won't let you forget?
    The ups and the downs, the peace and the hell
    You've had to go through to get where you are?

    Maybe it hurts, and you feel torn, but
    You have to stand up, push away the pain,
    'Cause there's something more for
    You out there.
    But you'll never find it
    If you can't tell yourself that,
    "I'll never look back."

    There's always something out there
    That's waiting for you,
    And the only way to find it is to let
    The past go.
    You have to keep moving forward,
    And never forget the struggles
    You've seen, 'cause those are the
    Things that prove
    That you're strong.
    They're the things that prove
    You had the strength to keep
    Moving on.

    (Lyrics © 2009 Incarnate009)