• I Love you..
    I still Love you..
    Even though your far away..

    when I call for you..
    You can't hear me..
    When I Cry For you..
    You're not here..
    to stop me from crying..

    I need you..
    I need you to be here..
    with me..
    because without you..
    I'm not myself anymore..
    I'm not who I was..
    When I was with you..

    I wish You knew howmuch Ineedyou..and howmuch Iloveyou

    I just miss you..
    I miss you everyday..
    and I can't stop thinking of you..

    goodbye's are always hard to say..
    Goodbye's can be for a lifetime..
    they can be forever..
    but i want forever to be with you..

    that's why..
    till the day we meet again..
    my heart will be with you..

    I love you.