• She was made out of love.
    From her shiny sunshine curls,
    To her violet eyes with black eye lashes.
    A perfect little doll.

    Her mother placed her on the top shelf,
    Smiled at her lovingly.
    She always sang her songs of light,
    Even carried her around the house in warm arms.
    Her mother was so pure.

    It was so heavenly,
    The doll could never ask for anything more of her creator.
    That is until a dark man loomed over their lives.
    She was afraid,
    But she couldn't tell her mother.

    Mother, mother don't go with him!
    Mother don't love him!
    Mother run!
    Mother he's evil!
    But no,
    Her mother couldn't hear her.

    They walked through the doors months later,
    Married through holy blessings,
    But the doll knew....
    The blessing would turn to a curse.
    And it did...

    The man,
    Her new father,
    Was a evil man.
    She was a doll,
    But her eyes could see all.

    Her mother slowly began to stop singing,
    Stopped wearing light clothing with lace and flower prints,
    Wore dark clothes and black veils over her face to hide the shadows.
    Her body shook as she struggled to recover from the battle.
    Her mother was turning into a zombie.

    Her daughter,
    The doll cried as she watched her mother.
    Pleas of the pain to stop.
    This man,
    No! Don't hurt my mother!

    The doll rested silently on the shelf,
    Useless as she couldn't move,
    Couldn't speak,
    Or even cry for him to stop.

    The man was unstoppable,
    She was a small doll,
    Delicate and breakable if he even tried to touch her.
    She sat there silently,
    Crying tears as he continued to hurt her mother,
    Please stop.....