• Your eyes dart across the room,
    Your skin begins to crawl,
    The shiver starts in both your hands,
    Eyes stare from every wall,
    Will they see what you've been through?
    Or off you a hand?
    Would they care to ask your name?
    To ship you to new lands?

    Your head turns as if unsure,
    But you know what you'll do,
    You'll stand your ground as if you're brave,
    But not for all to view,
    What explains this weakened will?
    This shy sincerity?
    Have you lost all hope and pride?
    What will you come to be?

    Your feet shuffle over floor,
    Fists clenched around your spine,
    You're focused on your every move,
    Afraid to leave the line,
    Who would help one like yourself?
    What if you are alone?
    Would they understand your pain?
    The pain you've never shown?

    Strangers passing by you now,
    Not noticing your pleas,
    Your lips move but your voice has gone,
    Just as composure flees,
    Why must you be silent now?
    Are there no words to say?
    Or have you misplaced your thoughts?
    And now have lost your way?