• Two lovers lay beside one another
    Thier lives bound by a tether
    Holding on to the love they share
    And with full hearts and strong care
    They look into the eys of there lover
    Seeing that there is no other
    She holds his cheek in her warm hand
    He smiles with a feeling so grand
    His cold arms wrap around her in a heavenly embrace
    And her sweet lips meet his, kissing with elegant grace
    As they hold the other in thier arms so close
    The wind blows over them in the spot they chose
    Laying on a beach with the other for comfort
    They no that there will be no more hurt
    For what they have found is more than love
    But instead have found a feeling far above
    Past the love of a happy few
    Into the area that is new
    Finding the joys of life in thier heart
    And now the life of a couple can finnaly start
    Who knows were the path they lead goes
    But to the it does not matter, it's what they chose
    And so the walk it to the end of the trail
    A love so strong in no way frail
    To have some fun he picks her up
    Then the rain falls and in a kiss they share a sup
    He takes her into the house so they can get warm
    Standing in the room and escaping the storm
    As if thier bodies was held together by wire
    She fallows him to the blanket by the fire
    And this is where they stay for the night
    For they had a day full of delight
    So let us leave our lovers to rest
    And to find our own joy we hope for the best