• Vrs 1: You walked away from everything here, (from me)
    Then two years pass and you come back,
    You think im going to forgive you,
    Well babe your wrong about it, (oh so wrong)

    Chours: You left me brohen,
    So alone and for what,
    I have cried for so long,
    Baby you got to prove that your telling the truth,
    'bout what you say and that I mean something.

    Vrs 2: Darling you say that im your all, (prove it)
    I know that you are wrong but do you, (cuz you left)
    Do we even have a future together? (answer me that)
    Well buddie you say that you really love me, (psh it all a lie)

    Chours x2

    Vrs 3: Show it then I might belive
    you bud!
    (fadded scream)