• -Attempts to connect to another leave us vulnerable, but alone we cannot shine.-

    Twisting these wires
    Attempting to achieve transmission
    Hoping someone will pick up my distress
    I've considered dropping the line

    Yet I'm still scanning the channels
    Searching for frequency
    Trying to understand that nothing is busted
    Maybe we're just tuned too differently

    But, when we make contact
    Sparks key the ignition
    Souls breathe out notes
    Our mouths cannot mimic

    The beat of my heart taps along
    Your song keeps it beating
    I'm still on your station
    Giving my full attention

    And I'm still scanning your channels
    Searching for frequency
    Knowing now that nothing is busted
    We're in tune so beautifully

    But if I seem distant
    I'm really just listening
    Feeling the vibrations
    Drowning myself, fixating

    Feeling the vibrations
    Holding to you, resonating