• I am the prison of your skin,
    The life that binds you to this earth,
    Trapping you in this body so frail,
    From the moment of your birth,

    I am the voice so often unheard,
    The brushing in your mind,
    The aching rush inside your veins,
    So horribly unkind,

    I am the tremor of your lips,
    The flushing in your face,
    The steady beating in your head,
    That you cannot escape,

    I am the force that steals your breath,
    The force that steals your life,
    If I decide to move away,
    And leave you far behind,

    I am the source of everything,
    The power deep inside,
    That cannot be changed or altered,
    If you ever did decide,

    I am the very essence,
    Of every woman or man,
    I am this blood... I am this pain,
    I am.