• She held the kitchen knife to her side,
    Her thoughts unheard along with unanswered cries.
    There she sits, blood gushing from her body,
    All she wants is to be freed, slowly she dies.

    He betrayed her,
    Lost her complete trust.
    So she sat in her room,
    Pushing the knife deep inside with a thrust.

    It burned and made tears come to her eyes.
    Her vision blurred as she leaned back.
    She was taking her release.
    All went black.

    Her conscience spoke with a silent cry,
    "Oh, how could you!"
    But she was slipping slowly.
    She fell limp, right on cue.

    Who else should find her than her mother?
    Pitiful cries could be heard miles away.
    Her little girl was gone,
    No longer going to play.

    No one could understand,
    A student with high priorities
    "Just another girl"
    Concluded the authorities.

    The black bag enclosed her,
    Her mother stood, grasping her face in pain.
    Her tears were all cried and her head was throbbing.
    To make it worse, it was starting to rain.

    There are no more pats on the back,
    No more high fives and praises.
    No more hugs from her family,
    No more days.

    She will never see the brightness of the sun
    Or the twinkle of stars.
    She will never enjoy her sixteenth birthday,
    Never learn how to drive a car.

    There is no more learning,
    or scholerships to college.
    No friendships to be renewed,
    Never to regain her knowledge.

    Who is she but a skeleton in the ground?
    A memory for her parents to play over and over again?
    She is bound to death now,
    connected with a chain.