• 'It's time' said the gouls. 'At last!' Sheek the frights. Halloween is here and it begins tonight.
    'How shall we start?' Wonder the Witches about. The werewolves growled 'Shall we begin with a scream, a houl, or a shout?'
    'Easy my fiends of the night, we have plenty of time for tonights fright.'
    'But still,' squilled the banshi.' what do we need,' the mummies chimed in ' to spead to make this the scariest eve of all.'
    'Nothing esle, I think we're good.' answered a voice, while all others said
    'Nothing, NOTHING?!' Said the vampires with distaste. 'Boo do think you are?" Quizzed the ghosts. 'How would a non monster know if we're through, wait who in the Count's name are you?
    My name is little importance to you, I'm just say that it's enough of a " BOO!" If you go to strong people won't enjoy themselves and they'll start to hate you.
    Frights are fun but some go to far. Just try to keep it safe as you take you family Trick or Treating in you car.

    Keep it safe and scary that's the best thing anyone can do for their kids and fo themselves as well
    Keep it safe just you mined,
    Or the ghosts, ghouls, vampires,and more ,
    Might just be seeing you this halloween at your door.
    Happy Hallow