• In the old times,
    The world is free
    Always new , wild, lovely and free
    You can see everything, animals or tree
    Objects moving quietly but willingly

    The waters would open up,
    Full of fishes, deeply pretty and so wealthy
    You could see your face so clearly
    That when you step, it was so happy

    Then the people learned
    Everything that is not good
    They thought of illegal ways
    And put to waste those lovely days

    The world that we have always dreamed of,
    Now is not very good,
    It now has gases on earth,
    And all we could see was all cutted trees

    The people ignored,
    They let bad things free,
    Pain and suffering was all we could see,
    That when one will cry, they just let the sound die

    Now what we must do,
    Create a good do,
    Let all men know,
    That world is them to save

    That all creations must help,
    Or else they will wept,
    No one will fix for us,
    But us for us.

    So that when one day,
    When another tree is cut
    And you will realize you care,
    We could see a sun that rise.