• The hate that lies inside your heart
    For men who caused this river to flow
    This river to flow, right through your land
    Made of Blood
    The blood that's your very own

    Guns that rage the war of hate
    Men that crashed right through the gates
    Taking all your freedom and choice
    You have to do something before it's too late

    As gunshots shatter the night
    The river grows deeper
    Ever flowing with might

    A ship sailing down this river of blood
    In all it's splendid glory it waits
    It preys on the young, the weak, the old
    And leaves waves of death
    Which drown the rest untold

    Bombs that drop from the heavens above
    Just add to this river of blood
    It's thirst is never quenched

    Death is everywhere
    Leaving it's mark
    And what can you do?
    But stand in the dark

    It's not like you have,
    anyone left
    The river has swallowed them
    Leaving nothing but hate

    Hate is the only thing you have left,
    Hate is what started this war in the first place,
    Hate is the only emotion that matters.