• She was an angel,
    But not like any other angel,
    She didn't have a halo,
    Nor did she have wings,
    She didn't carry a harp,
    She wasn't even human,
    Instead she lived on planet Earth,
    She had two pointy ears,
    Both swerved 180 degrees like radars
    Perched upon her head,
    She had a long tail and grey fur,
    Her eyes were an olive green,
    She was no taller than the mid section of your shins,
    A small thing she was,
    But big things come in small packages,
    She was lovable,
    She was independant at times,
    But at other times she would crawl upon your lap and purr,
    Her whiskers would tickle your hands
    As she rubs her face in your palms,
    When you've fallen ill she will stick by you the whole way
    Until you are well again,
    She is protective of her territory,
    As she is protective of her one and only companion,
    She was the perfect companion,
    But these perfect companions do not last forever,
    For one day she passed on to Heaven,
    Peacefully, she went,
    Her companions mourned,
    They sat vigil for her,
    She was a great companion indeed,
    For now she truly is an angel among the skies.