• Contestant number one, come on down!
    Because, you are now a player on:
    “Break her heart
    And make her cry
    Break it quick
    And watch her die.”
    You can easily win this; with your pretentious smile and heart of gold.
    (And by gold, I mean that s**t that turned your finger green)
    Easy Right?
    Especially for you.
    You raised her hopes with flowers and candy hearts and a bittersweet lie of a hopeful tomorrow.
    A kiss, a hug, you’re on a roll

    Round one to the liar.

    Then you turned your back and ignored her every other call.
    And with your condescending air, you lay down the lowest blow
    “I never really loved you anyway”
    One tear, a sob. A Victory!

    Round Two to the Betrayer

    When she’s down, raise your fist in an egotistical way and strike her. Date the best friend and strip her of every love she has ever known.
    One more cut a little blood…. Will it ever be enough?

    Round three to the backstabber
    (You’re so very close, just a little bit further)

    Flaunt your love in front of her. Give her a constant reminder of what she can’t have.
    The blade is raised (give her a kiss on the cheek)
    The blade is descending (turn your back on the scene)
    The blade is in motion (you never really cared)

    You Win!