• Oh how gently I wake from my nightmarish sleep to hear you coasting at my door.
    Your icy wind that blows from day to day has forced my window open, and I am met with the sweet and salty smell I once knew as a child. Inevitably or rather hypnotically you pull me towards your essence and for a moment, I am lost. I have forgotten the present and can now only think to the past.
    I am twelve.
    I am free.
    The sand is exactly as I imagined; hot and sticky on my feet, but brings forth the comfort once long forgot. Your ocean is as cool as I remembered and quickly I succumb to your watery depths, but I have never felt more at peace.
    “Did you miss me?”
    There were days when I thought long and hard to return, but an unforeseen force held me back. Now, as I lay on your back with your waves occasionally tickling my chin, I know without an inch of doubt…
    That I am home.