• Winter

    Icy wind whistling,
    Chimney tops a-smoking,
    Frosty panes a-glimmering,
    Dusky eaves are dimming.
    This is Winter.

    Glassy lake a-glistening,
    Sparkling snow a-swirling,
    Children playing happily,
    Slipping, sliding, merrily,
    This is Winter.

    Fire burning brightly,
    Growing dimmer slowly,
    Night is falling gradually,
    Candle glowing steadily,
    This is Winter.

    Gifts and family are here,
    Bring the Joy and bring the Cheer,
    Warmth and love,
    Around us glow,
    Winter! It has come!

    Carols chiming through the air,
    Bells a-ringing everywhere,
    God's Own Son
    His Birth declare,
    It is Winter.