• The Beautiful Murderer:
    She has eyes of blue in the night,
    Brightly shining under the pale moon light,
    She appears so sweet, an innocent child,
    But she's anything but meek and mild,
    Little girl takes a knife, sharp and shining,
    painfully stabbing the air and imagining,
    imagining someone is there, she is soooo mad,
    she's insane. How sad.

    He loves me....(not):
    He loves me, he loves me not,
    truly words said before,
    plucking leaves off of a flower that did nothing,
    not a soul harmed,
    love is what makes the world go round?,
    my life is fine thankyou,
    and no one loves me,
    why thank you, i kno i am, but i didnt need you telling me that.