• Yesterday You could have asked me why I like you.
    I would have answered,"I have no clue."
    Today you could ask me and I truely could answer why I like you.

    Theres a smile deep down in you soul that shines through and through.
    When I I say I want to stop you push me right through.
    When I say I to go no futher you pull me until I'm near.
    You make me pick my head up.
    You make me wanna laugh.

    You make me wanna run around and fall down in the grass.
    Even when I don't cry you pick me up, wash offf the cut, and ask me if I'm alright.
    Know your gone I feel so bad.
    I feel like crying for you.
    When you went I lost my way I didn't know what to do.

    I wish you could make me smile, I wish you could make me laugh.
    I wish you could pick me up agian, but thats all in the past.
    The leason that I learned is never waist your time.
    I wish you were here.
    Why can't you be?

    I wish you were here, right here with me.
    Even though your not I learned to say, you'll always be in my heart to stay.