• Burger burner! He can rap and sing,
    And he burns the burgers at the Burger King.
    I said, "Don't he look cute in his Burger King suit?
    Why don't you hit a little rap,
    In your navy blue cap?"

    He said, "i ain't got time to rap and rhyme,
    'Cause I can tell by my watch it's burger burnin' time!
    The clothes that I wear are always fresh,
    And the burgers I burn are always the best.
    I burn my burgers each and every day,
    To feed greedy people the American way.
    That's why Burger King burgers are the best in the west.
    If you try mickey D's, you won't get burgers for less!"

    Well, I asked him out! You know he lied to me.
    He said, "i burn my burgers from 7 to 3.
    I'm a very nice guy! I don't go out or roam.
    I'm a good wash man with 5 children at home.
    I have to beat my kids each and every day,
    Except on Thursday, when I get my pay.
    You're just a dizzy jerk who thinks she's fresh!
    Just 'cause you rap and rhyme, well, I coulden't care less.
    And when you asked me out, you forgot to use Crest!"

    Well, now I know that guy, and I'll tell you what,
    He's just a bad old boy with a big old butt!
    He's got his nose up 'cause he thinks he's cute.
    Just 'cause his butt looks good in a Burger King Suit!
    And even on a day when I diden't use Crest,
    You can't diss me 'cause I'm DJ Sapphire and I'm the best.