• Eyes glistening in the moonlight
    Regrets Haunting my every move
    of the lonely life I led.

    How does love feel?
    It may of already caressed my soul
    My very being, may of experienced it
    Yet taken away piercing the soul
    with realities edge
    of the unloved life I live.

    Those who utter words to the ear
    are just merely words, with a small meaning
    compare to it being echoed from loves choosing

    I have held the key,
    yet without a lock it will always be useless

    Until then I wear this mask
    A mask that's fooled many
    to this hidden pain deep within

    They say nice guys finish last
    maybe thats true
    Yet in the dark abyss that loneliness dwells
    those are just empty words

    words that group to become a symbol
    A symbol of the lonely life I live..