• I am physically gone
    The ugly duck, killing the swan
    The inexplicable one
    drunk on the lawn
    begging for a burden to bare
    I sweat inside and die alive
    with a body poisoned by disdain
    yet I never complain
    I acquiece to a desire to burn higher
    than the fire of your lies
    My words are cognizant dissonance
    fabricated for the connivance of minors
    because the pain of half-life is assiduous
    determined to tear inside of the fiberous tissue
    I hereby dismiss you to a place away from here
    I am more than sincere
    Just let me disappear into your former glory
    your story is one I've heard before
    because I live life with an ear to the door of oppertunity
    they told me God doesnt love me
    They said he looks down from above me
    "There's no room in Heaven for the ones that fell away"
    not for the felons or the crazy, or the liberals, or the gays
    We need a Schizophrenic Day Parade
    I wear ripped jeans as a banner
    to tell the world Im lost
    I wear a jacket from Goodwill cuz I cant afford the cost
    of normality
    your whole world is a fallacy