• Amphetamines slither down my arteries
    and convulse in my extremities
    it's a remedy for the pain
    a recipe for disaster
    Eight little lines lay pretty in a row
    Take me up, Shake me up, Wake me up
    Children are ensnared in the soothing blankets of crossfire
    from friend and foe
    filled with woe, we carry on
    Our dance is a tribal one.
    Our end is a Denial Gun, made to filled the world with hot disgrace
    This is deja vu, I hate this place
    I am here, it seems, at every wrong turn
    and my skin begins to burn
    and my stomach starts to churn
    but I still yearn for my poison
    the noise in my ears is endless, relentless
    Im defenseless to the sirens
    so Im drawn in again
    into the Deat Spot to rot
    I blot out the memories of the battles I've fought
    so let our wounds clot because we know we've got to
    carry on, forever.
    Your words ring in my head
    I remember because you cried when you said
    "I don't want you dead, I just want you gone"
    So I will carry on forever
    Pretty pink pistols lie on the bed
    Instead of remorse, we set a course for disaster
    It's an antidote for the anecdotes of heartache we wrote
    in the prison that you called a home.
    Have you ever seen snow fly upwars?
    Have you ever spent Christmas alone?
    it's quiet, but it chills to the bone
    Though I remain unknown, I will carry on