• To escape on the wings of the wind
    To let go and be free
    like the blue or the green
    tendrils that make their way
    day by day
    to the sun.

    Some say the truth
    Lies within
    My heart
    My sin

    It’s your fault
    Don’t you dare
    Society swear
    This is the last time you’ll be
    So unfair

    Time is elastic
    It stands still
    The tears spill
    Self hate

    A mighty battle
    sword versus pen
    draw ink like blood
    cold-steel love
    Death is to begin again

    Truth like chains
    Reality like rain
    Seeping soaking
    Weeping flowing
    Drenched to the core

    My word is my bond
    Speak to be free
    Let me leave
    With the breeze
    Escape on the wings of the wind.