• I have had a dream..where creatures from all walks of life live and die together,
    in somewhat peaceul harmony
    This dream was placed in late September
    Where the leaves are a beautiful sight to see.

    These animals! These monsters! These things of darkness reign
    Are welcomed and loved by many
    At least many who remain
    for there is a terrible truth to tell ye..

    Where the creatures work, where the creatures eat
    We are no longer invited there
    For people! My bretheran this is not a treat
    This secret I will tell you, is an aweful thing to hear

    For in this sparkling wonderland, of false peace and happiness
    The darkest creatures, many there be
    Are above us in this chain of bliss
    They eat us they do, and so I hope you may see...

    Their eyes of flame, their teeth so long, how'd this strange world come along?
    Where we humans are lowlifes among the dim
    Was it just our selfish longs?
    To have nothing more than what we wished for..as long as we gained it on a whim

    the selfishness with utter hatred, twords any other being
    We stood alone and separate
    We stood divided and felt the sting of a revolt rizing
    We stood alone separate

    They offered us many luxuries! This for sure I jest
    The offered us the peace we wish for!
    Nothing lower than the best
    These things were soon to be out the door

    This peace fell through to their monarchy
    So that the creatures of the darkness
    would live in their own harmony
    taking away our blessedness

    This dream of mine, I swear it true
    that should it some day come
    Resist the selfish! All of you!
    For surely we will roam

    With our own peace among the nations
    with our own peace under the sky
    With out the thriving lust and temptations
    otherwise we'll surely die