• The one not me is Hikaru the one not Hikaru is me.
    We are seperate individuals.
    This is absolute.

    But together we are one.
    Together we are one sole entity.
    This is also absolute.

    Our Nanny once told us, "You're contradicting yourselves. You want people to treat you as individuals, yet you want them to understand that you are one. That's peculiar. People won't get that."

    Then we don't want them to understand us.
    Other people are worthless.
    Other people can't understand the simplest thing.
    We always thought everyone else was stupid.

    Our motto is to delete whatever bores us.
    Delete all the stupid guys who want to get close to us because of our family name.
    Delete all the condescending girls with their false sympathy.
    Delete all the stupid adults who only see our appearance.

    We contradict ourselves.
    We want to be told appart.
    We don't want to be told appart.
    We want people to understand us.
    We don't want people to understand us.
    We've been looking for someone who can accept us.

    But since nobody can accept us as twisted as we are . . .
    We've been alone in our own world fo two.
    We locked ourselves in, so we'd never get hurt.

    One day, someone did come along.
    That day, they gave us exactally the right answer.
    We were touched.

    There's a door to the outside world that needs to be opened.
    Should we open it together?
    Here we go, let's open the door.

    If you think about it, that was definintely our first step into a broader world.