• I love you in each and every possible way,
    I need you with me night and day,
    Your voice strengthens me helping me to survive,
    Without you my dear I doubt that I would still be alive,

    I need your love and trust to reassure me,
    I also need that special comfort to set me free,
    I need you to tell me how you feel,
    I want to be certain that this is for real.

    Listen to my words and heed my calls,
    You are the only one who can hear me through these walls,
    Ever since day one you could sense the familiarity,
    I want you to feel my sincerity,

    I am your destined soul mate,
    A life together is what we both wish to create,
    We must work hard together and never quit,
    Our future is only what we make of it,

    Quitting, will only make us fall apart,
    We must give it our everything right from the start,
    In my devotion to you, I will honor, love and cherish,
    I will be forever true until the day we both shall perish.