• I'll be the one who stands by my leader
    Who'll stand tall and proud
    In moments before the final few moments.
    And all beside him, beside me
    All will see and hear and feel.

    I'll be the one who stands by my leader
    I know my place, I know my rank
    I will be proud and scream my pride
    Scream for those against to hear our side.

    Life flashes before me
    Loyalty lies with every breathing moment.
    Savior, punisher, for all we're a new meaning.
    Every meaning will hold our passion.

    Death flashes before them
    As the loud and silent cry is made
    And as our steels and irons and flesh clash
    So to do our pasts, reasons, and fates.

    As if the heart knows no more time
    It beats harder than ever to defy such fate
    The hardest pulse on the last moment
    As on the field, I make my sacrifice.

    I'll be the one who lies by my leader
    As he stands on the hill, topped with my body
    Topped with my blood and trust
    As his cry of victor sends waves to all fighters

    A cry silent and loud.
    A cry powerfully proud.
    Full of sadness and admiration
    At sight of my petrification.