• i cannot
    i will not
    and yet i do
    you break me
    and i still come back to you
    i hate you and yet you break the shackles that hold me down on this earth
    every time you kiss me
    i want to tear you into shreds
    and yet i cannot
    i want to
    i can taste it
    but ive grown to love this abuse
    can i run away
    can i?
    should I?
    WILL I
    you whore
    you waste i hate you, see its easy
    can you say it to those who do it to you
    i finally could
    and now its your turn
    do fallow your hate, but allow it to wake you up
    so that you can walk withought being locked away in your own twisted heart
    say it not to me, not to yourself, but to her or him
    say it i hate you
    you disgust me
    you will always be lower then me
    say it
    say it please....