• I'm thirteen years old and I am hated for this and that
    My schoolmates cut me and spit on me because I'm fat

    They laugh at and belittle me to the point where I break down and cry
    they threaten me and say things like "why don't you just die?".

    They take my possessions and rip out my hair,
    Why is it done to me over them? It's just not fair.

    It's three days to my 14th birthday, My mom says there will be a surprise,
    I keep asking her what it is but she just says "Wait till you're birthday" to my demise.

    Today at school I was left alone at lunch,
    I was pushed into a corner and was faced with a bludgeoning punch,
    I left school in a hurry, walking with speed,
    But the other girls found me and followed Kayla's lead,
    I wish I were skinny and even just somewhat well liked,
    I forgot what the girls did to me, and towards my house I hiked.

    I walked by the clothing store and witnessed the most beautiful dress,
    I've wanted it for years but would it ever fit an over sized mess.
    It's embroidered, covered in lace and decorated with a bow,
    If it were my size I'd be vibrant and beautiful, like a star I'd glow

    It's two days to my 14th birthday, I look out the window and watch the sun rise,
    I'm thinking about my 14th birthday, the sun glimmers in my eyes.

    Today, for the first time ever I actually got asked to the dance,
    It was by Kyle, apparently my first ever, true romance.
    He took me by the hand and walked me down the hall,
    Only to say "You wish!" and pushed me into the wall.
    His friends all snickered, they were in on the scheme
    I kinda knew it from the beginning, it's always me versus a team.

    I walked by the store window, just to see the dress once more
    If I had a dress so beautiful I would no longer me called the school boar.
    If I were to be a princess with a dress so fine,
    I would get the guy I've wanted, I'd be his and he'd be just mine.

    When I got home my mom seemed busy with gift wrap and string,
    I pretended I didn't notice and listened to the birds sing.

    Tomorrow is my 14th birthday, I can't wait for mom's surprise,
    Though tomorrow is also the mark of another year in which I was hated for my size.

    Today I biked to school breathing in the fresh spring air,
    Taking in the foliage before I stepped into my toxic classroom lair.
    Today was gonna be a good day I self explained,
    Today I wont be made fun of but unfortunately the bullying remained.

    I went into the change room after a stressful gym class,
    There the girls locked me inside and made fun of my mass.
    I had a towel wrapped around my self and searched for my clothes,
    I was left alone without cover, my heartbeat quickly rose.
    A girl slipped into the change room with me with an unsettling grin,
    she started grabbing at my towel, she was stronger, I couldn't win.
    I screamed for the gym teacher, she wasn't around,
    I was stripped of the towel and the girls beat my every pound.
    I was shaking and bleeding on the change room floor,
    The final bell rang, they finally decided to not touch me any more.
    I cleaned myself up and trudged on back home,
    There I finished the last words of my unfortunate poem.

    Today is the day of my birthday, early in the morning my mom sneaks to my bed,
    I'm still on my mattress, my mother approaches my side and reads what my note said.
    "Mom, I love you so much but I couldn't stand strong during the hate,
    I'll love you forever, just remember me for who I am, look past my weight."
    She placed her hand on my chest to check for a heart beat,
    there was nothing but silence, she crumbles on her feet.
    Mom collapses by my bed side, her tears consume her beautiful face,
    She drops the dress on my bed, the one in the window, covered with beautiful lace.