• Pick up the pencil
    A need to be
    Knowing her one talent is being stolen
    Unique in a fleeting way
    Careless cruel of others to take this
    Confidence dwindling
    Words to cruel echoing in her head
    Never good enough they have to take it
    Drawer, desginer, musican, dancer
    Their talents no longer enough
    They want the poets now
    Closing in making her write more and more
    Furious at every new poem she writes
    Pained eyes as she reads their attempts
    Selfish, horrid pride when their best is worse than her worst
    But trying trying they go never giving up
    Cruel intentions all around
    Words no longer good enough
    Take whats hidden under it all
    The poet take it now
    Steal it before its threat comes out
    Bound by talents the talentless one
    True talent haunts to most
    Words to stop its mystic power
    Spinning the future in its words