• We watched the flames paint the sky with crimson lines of memories. The park we played in, dreamed in, the swings cut down and the play-sets burned. The Ice Cream store we worked at, met in, and loved in, left only as ash on the ground. The homes of our neighbors, the street lights we danced under, the schools we learned in, all we knew, all we ever needed. It was all gone. The life we built up for so long, destroyed in mere hours.

    …But who set the fire? Surely not I, certainly not you, and it couldn’t have been one of the others. Maybe it was an accident. We all lived so carefree… never expecting anything horrible like this, unaware of the things around us. Was this growing up? Is this pain and suffering the real world? Were we all just living a dream? A vision we desperately needed to be awaked from? We danced so dangerously on the border of reality, our lives were balanced so unsteadily on the line of truth. Ignorance is bliss… or so they say. Did our own stupidity lead to this ultimate downfall?

    I wish we could go back and play,
    Be innocent for one more day,
    Before we knew this hurt and loss,
    Before we knew what truth would cost.
    A time when tomorrow was definite,
    And our days together seemed infinite,
    When every sunset looked the same,
    And we weren’t gamblers in life’s cruel game.
    The days before we first really cried,
    Back when it felt safe to close our eyes,
    The moments when we’d stretch our wings,
    To learn to fly and try new things.
    I long for the years of our distant past,
    When seconds, hours, appeared to last,
    When memories were our yesterdays,
    and tomorrows seemed so far away.

    When our ignorance was blissful,
    and our sight was clear yet dimmed,
    before the blaze was burning
    and we let the match be lit.