• baby im sorry
    for hurtin' you this way
    i didnt mean for it to end up
    and kill us both this way
    i just was to selfish
    no one even cared
    thank you for everything
    and all you gave to me
    breaking up was suicidal
    now i feel the pain
    i know that i was stupid
    i know that i was vain
    both of us just needed
    a little bit of time
    to make up what we needed
    just a bit of time

    maybe i was stupid
    maybe i was vain
    maybe this was to show us
    its not gonna happen again
    we both need some time
    to earn back our pride
    we both need somethin'
    to hold back the tide
    oh im sorry
    sorry for your pain
    im sorry
    so sorry for the rain
    im so sorry, so sorry